Wednesday, February 7, 2018


Tucson Desert Flower

I have to be honest, I haven't really done any artwork since returning to Boston from Tucson.  I have been extremely busy packing and getting the condo ready to sell. We have a tentative date for the open house on the weekend of May 5th. The condo has to be ready for photos by April 23rd and since we are going to be out in Tucson for the week before that we will need to have it all ready before we leave. So the drop dead date is April 13th.

My husband leaves next Wednesday for 2 weeks in Tucson. I plan on shipping out another 12 or 13 boxes to him. That should take care of a lot of items. I have been packing about 2 boxes per day as it is quite exhausting and grueling work. Packing boxes was much easier when I was younger. I could do the whole thing in a matter of days. I hope I never have to pack and move again.

This morning I did some paint touch ups around the condo. There are still a few more places in need of touching up. Originally we had planned on painting the entire condo but we got an assessment for waterproofing the entire building at a cost of $4000 per owner. That pretty much killed the budget for the painting plan. It will look fine though, once we have gotten rid of some of our furniture.

My son is coming this weekend to take bookshelves and any other furniture that we can live without. the realtor told us we had to get rid of half our stuff. Including half of all my artwork on the walls.

I am on the fence about most of my older artwork. Why keep schlepping it around. I will try and give it away and what I can't give away, I will put downstairs in the trash room. Nothing lasts long down there as my neighbors are voracious scavengers!

Stay tuned.......


Connie Rose said...

I do likewise with art I no longer need/want. If it hasn't sold, I'll donate most of what's left to one of a few thrift shops I frequent, or simply throw it in the trash!
Good luck with selling your condo ASAP after it's listed! Be well.

SAQA ME/NH/VT said...

Your post just brought me back to winter 2015, when my husband and I were getting our Arlington house ready to sell. Our open house was scheduled for March '15, so we had to contend with the massive snowfall AND a huge ice dam that had formed over our front door. Nothing says "Buy This House" like major structural damage... it was extremely stressful to get someone out in time to deal with that before the shingles were ripped away. We too had to declutter as much as possible. All the extra effort really helped in the end... we got way over our asking price. Best of luck during your move! And ... big segue... thanks for turning me on to the Yorn palette... the colors are luminous.

Robbie said... have been busy and the time does go by fast! I've not been following blogs of late...too busy eating! HA Anyway, good luck..will keep watching your post(s) to see how you're doing. Hope grand son did well while you were gone.

Aimeslee Winans said...

That really sucks, Roberta, having to separate from your art. Although, there are only so many walls and halls. I would say donate them to a retirement home or or anywhere art would be appreciated, but putting them in your condo's trash room is donating, haha. Well, the sausage is being made now, you will only remember the best parts later on. xoxo

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Wow, you have this all planned out really well. Time is speeding by. Getting rid of things you have held dear is really hard to do. Finding our that the people you saved them for don't want them is REALLY hard, which I have recently found to be the case in MY life. It sounds like you have found a good realtor. I have been watching some of those staging shows on HGTV and less is more is what they are all saying. I keep good wishes for you to find a buyer quickly.
xx, Carol