Thursday, April 12, 2018


So the news is that the condo has sold. We are thrilled for a variety of reasons! The move now feels very real. We close on June 15th and so we will move the very next day. Still waiting to see if my grandson graduates. But we will leave anyway regardless of whether he graduates or not.

I have been learning how to draw mandalas and they are so very interesting. The smallest shapes take on very different look when repeated in the round. Almost like pattern making only in a circular motion. I do miss my paints but this is really fun and I always do enjoy trying new art mediums and styles. So I will continue trying to make one mandala a day until we move. It is quite therapeutic.


Connie Rose said...

Congrats!! That must be a weight off your mind, to have your place sell so quickly! The rest will take care of've got to live your own life now. xx

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I'm so happy for you to have sold the Condo. That is a HUGE load off your mind. Good for you to be moving no matter what. After raising my grandson, we have had some disappointments recently that makes us happy that we did what we needed to do and now we are done.

Mandalas always mesmerize me, letting my eye travel the circle and more so when the colors grab you eye as well.
xx, Carol

tgarrett said...

I love your mandalas Roberta. Congrats on the sale- our house sold as well and we close on the same day as you and we will leave either that day or the day after- we head down to house hunt in a week and a half. best of luck on the move.

Maureen said...

The mandalas are lovely! Agree with Carol above. You did what you needed to do. Now get on with the move and enjoy! This is your time. Much deserved. Ethan will find his way.

Robbie said...

The mandalas are beautiful!! AND congrats on selling!!!! That is a big weight off your shoulders for a little mentally!!!