Sunday, May 20, 2018


I am still here in Boston for four more weeks. My one way trip out to Tucson gets closer and closer. My house is filled with boxes in all manner of disarray. There is bubble wrap everywhere with more rolls on the way. I hate using that stuff but when you ship everything so far away, especially the artwork, you need the extra protection that the bubble wrap affords.

I am still making art as you can see. I am so addicted to my daily art practice that I can't pack away everything until the very last minute. So I have left my Koi pens and Tombows out along with a few Micron pens and a pad of paper.

The schedule is as follows: Wednesday, June 13th, UPS comes to pick up the boxes, Thursday, June 14th the movers come to take all the furniture down to my son's house on the south shore, Friday, June 15th is the walk through and closing, and Saturday, June 16th we fly away. We will be staying in a local hotel for the nights of the 14th and 15th.

As it turns out my grandson will not be graduating from high school with his class. I am broken hearted over it but it does not change my plans. My life has been on hold for far too long as it is. He will have to figure out his life on his own. He says he will stay here with a friend. So be it.

We have many plans for the new house but mainly just living in it is the big plan. There is a restaurant called Risky Business near my house in Tucson. It is nothing fancy but they have great food. It is more of a sports bar with huge screens everywhere. You wouldn't think that I would enjoy something like that, but for me, it is my happy place because it means I am there. So right now I am focusing on sitting outside on their patio with my glass of wine admiring the mountains and thimble rock at Sabino Canyon. It is helping me get through this move. Kind of like when you are having surgery and they tell you to focus on the day after the surgery.....moving is like surgery? Well not really but the post move thoughts help.

I will possibly write once more from here in Boston but if you don't hear from me, I will of course, write once I have arrived.


Maureen said...

There's a sports bar that I go to in Orlando with my sister and her husband. We sit outside and it reminds me of the Keys. Great food too.
Best of luck with these last few weeks. Excited and happy for you!

Robbie said...

How exciting for you, roberta! So happy for you and your hubby!!! Glad you are keeping some of your art work to keep your 'hands' in it! Sorry about your grand son but perhaps this will help him grow up.
Look forward to your 'west' adventures!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

This last month will fly by. I hope you are truly leaving the issues with your grandson behind. I have never been more at peace than since I mentally let go of that responsibility. I do know how you feel about his not graduating. I remember when I thought that everything will be okay for them as long as they graduate. THAT is OUR perception, not their reality.

A glass of wine while looking at beautiful landscape sounds so relaxing. You have come a long way in the past few years and only one more month.

Much love to you and wishes for the next month to pass peacefully.
xx, Carol

SAQA ME/NH/VT said...

Moving is so horrible! Reading about what you're going through is giving me flashbacks... We were able to skip the walkthrough, and ended up sleeping on our floor the night before our move, surrounded by towers of boxes and some very freaked out cats. The movers arrived the next morning, packed everything into a giant truck, and we all drove off headed for Vermont. We couldn't move anything in to the new house (except ourselves and an air mattress) until after we met with the lawyers on the following day to finalize the sale, so we spent our first night in Vermont sleeping on the floor, hoping the movers would show up on schedule. It was so stressful. I hope everything goes smoothly for you, and that you find yourself happily settled and back in your studio REALLY SOON!

Aimeslee Winans said...

I am so proud of you, Roberta. You turned a situation that was threatening to eat you alive into something you've conquered. You've done all you could do to help your grandson, the ball is in his court now. He might just pleasantly surprise you, but if not, it's on him. And you have outlived what I call the retirement stun. I'm still presently in mine. When the ability to make decisions is not possible, hurry up and wait, march in place. That's all behind you now. I am so happy for you! Love your mandalas having been treated to them on Facebook. You've got this!!! And don't it feel grand? YAY!!! <3 xoxoxo