Friday, July 6, 2018

July 6, 2018

I have been playing around with some new floral designs lately. These are done with Arteza water color brush pens which I really like a lot. The colors are lovely and they are more like a brush than a marker.

I have discovered that the "Seed of Life", which is the basic construct of a mandala can be taken out of the mandala context and used in other motifs. I seem to have fallen down the rabbit hole with these as you can see.

And another.

Still enjoying the warmth of the desert. And all the little creatures running around everywhere.


Gina said...

They would be beautiful stitched!

Robbie said...

These are are beautiful, Roberta!!!! Just so appealing..I kept looking at them. You need to find a cafe, gallery or some place to exhibit your work...are you sleeping in any?? HA

jac said...

Like the flowers. Glad to she you're settling in well

Aimeslee Winans said...

So glad to hear you are settling in well and are happy and making art. xoxo

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

These are so beautiful. Your new blog design looks great. Very contemporary.
xx, Carol