Saturday, August 4, 2018


The porch is finally finished! What a difference the extra 3 feet make! Now we can fit our table over on this side of the porch and we have room for the grill and my bike on the other side. They did a really great job. We couldn't be happier. I love being outside. Especially in the shade since I can't and wouldn't want to spend too much time in the sun. There are two ceiling fans out here so in the summer you can usually sit out until noon. And since it is right outside my studio I can bring my art out to the table if I choose to paint outside!

Outside table and chairs on new floor.

The rest of the work on the condo continues. My studio is getting a new tile floor next week or the week after and then I can bring out my paints and supplies again. Until then I continue to draw and make flowers and mandalas. The geometry is keeping me busy!

Here is one of my recent geometric mandalas:

That is all I have for now! Have a great week!


Robbie said...

Your outdoor space looks inviting!!! So happy for you! And can't wait for you to be back in full swing of creating! Love your mandala! Great colors!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

GREAT that you are keeping your creative juices flowing with your drawings. I'm trying to think about how I would feel living in a place that gets so hot. I admit that I am spending more and more time in the house now that we are struggling with extended periods of heat and humidity. It has made me totally rethink the landscaping. This is a hard realization that Terry has not been able to deal with yet. Glad you are making your new place into what you want it to be.
xx, Carol