Wednesday, September 19, 2018


Today we had a lovely rainy day in the desert. There is nothing quite like it. It is something to be savored and enjoyed. The last few weeks have been quite hot so having the temperatures in the mid 70's is quite different!

Meanwhile, the other night I was up in the middle of the night after having killed a scorpion in the bathroom. I couldn't get back to sleep for obvious reasons, so I logged on to Instagram and discovered an artist from Australia who I had never heard of named Laura Horn.

She has a lovely online class which I am in the midst of taking. It is called "Minimal Magic".  She uses a limited palette which I really like. Earthy tones as well as a variety of ways to  keep a series of paintings and collages related to one another. I am enjoying taking some interesting classes and some not so interesting. That is the way it goes I guess with online classes. There is no review system so you are taking a chance. For the most part, the classes I sign up for have all been helpful in one way or another. Even if I only take away one new skill, I am happy.

That's it for now! Thanks for reading!


Robbie said...

Can I assume this is your artwork? is fun to take online classes with no real pressure...and as you said, even if you only 'learn' one new idea or technique makes a class worthwhile!

Wendy Watson said...

One skills, one insight, one idea for future work . . . that’s enough. 😊

Roberta Warshaw said...

Yes Robbie, my work from the class. I didn't really follow the directions though!