Sunday, September 23, 2018


Singing in the Desert

My Saguaro

Here are two more pieces I created after taking Laura Horn's class, "Minimal Magic." I really feel like this is a great palette for painting the desert.

These are both on cradled panels. I have never worked on panels before since they take up so much room and I never had a place to keep them before.  Now that I have a studio with plenty of room, I am trying them out. I really do like them a lot. I never really liked painting on canvas because of the texture. It has too much give for me and too much bumpy texture.  These panels are smooth as silk. Like painting on hot press paper. My favorite paper.

I do plan to enter some pieces in a local show. I haven't entered a show since the 1980's. So this is a pretty big deal for me. If it wasn't for social media no one would ever see my work. I am thankful for social media but it is time to hang the work out in the real world now.

Enjoy your week!


Maureen said...

These are beautiful, Roberta. Excited that others will get to see your work!!

Maureen said...

Should've said, excited that others will see your work in person. I'm sure a gallery will be thrilled to hang some of your pieces.

Robbie said...

Good for you!!! You should show your work!!! It's lovely and should and will be appreciated by others! Yea for you!

Aimeslee Winans said...

These are gorgeous, Roberta. Can't wait for you to enter shows. They'll love your work. xoxo

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Putting your work in shows is a good move for you. I know nothing about painting, but I really like all of your work and really LOVE an awful lot of it and it deserves to be shown to the world beyond blogging. I am so happy for you, now that you are living where you want to be.
xx, Carol

tgarrett said...

Wonderful pieces Roberta! Good luck with the show entry.

Tango Dancer said...


These are beautiful. Simple design, yet very sophisticated execution. And your color pallette is gorgeous.

I started painting on panels about a year ago. Love it! Will not go back to canvas now.


Ulyana Stebelska

Tango Dancer said...
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