Saturday, October 13, 2018


Copper Plant
I finally did it. I entered a show out here. The show is called "Copper State" at Tohono Chul Park. I am not counting on getting in but the point is that I did enter a piece. A huge deal for me. I even had it photographed by a professional photographer. This is the piece shown above. The plant is a coppery color and I did it especially for the show.

Doing it has given me some much needed confidence and I will try and enter other shows as well if I feel that my work would be a fit. This is art season after all. Who knew there was even such a thing! I had never heard of an art season before moving here. There are so many artists who live and work here in the Sonoran desert and I am enjoying meeting some of them at my Paperworks meetings and the CASA meetings.

On other notes we are having so much rain here today. We get the rain from hurricanes that come up from Mexico! It is good for the desert and a good day to make some soup!

Also, I have been taking a wonderful online class with Este MacCleod.  The class meets daily for the entire month of October. Este really packs so much into a class. I can barely come up for air. Some of my take-aways are the number and variety of brushes she uses to paint her collage papers. I had never used a fan brush before or a comb brush. The potential for mark making for these brushes is amazing. I am just scratching the surface with them.

She does use Hi Flo Acrylics though of which I am not a fan. The tips clog up continuously and the paint is really sticky. Ugh. Not my favorite medium at all but I will use them for the class and then try and substitute my trusty fluid acrylics when the class is over. I am also discovering the joys of Acrylic inks. I really love those especially for drawing and mark making.

Well, hopefully tomorrow will dry out as we are supposed to head down to Patagonia for their annual fall craft show and festival. I was really looking forward to exploring that part of the region. Today was a total washout for the vendors so I hope for all our sakes tomorrow will be better!

Have a great week!


Robbie said...

Yea for you!!!! Hope you do continue to enter your work in shows! You do some great pieces...and I still think making some into cards would sell!!! Keep us posted and continue to enjoy your online class!!!

Maureen said...

Great, Roberta! All best with the show!! Your work is lovely.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Great art. And congratulations on getting your foot in the door. I have always loved your art and I am glad for you that you broke the ice on entering shows. It sounds like you are in the perfect spot for an artist to live.
xx, Carol

Laura Chalifoux said...

Good for you, Roberta! Love the piece you're entering - looks like a good fit for the venue.

I'm so glad you're enjoying yourself out there and making so much art. I checked out Este's website, and no wonder you wanted to take a class with her! Her style is obviously different from yours, but there are similarities in the way you approach design as well, I think. Her work is stunning - I love the color palette she uses, and how happy her designs all feel. Can't wait to see what you produce during / after the class. And I'd love to here what - if anything - from the class you feel like will have an influence on your own work.

Hugs! - Laura