Thursday, October 3, 2019

Go Bigger!

Sonoran Herbarium No. 50
This week I created Number 50 in the Sonoran Herbarium Series. I feel like it is quite an accomplishment! I am trying to get a bit more color into the work and I feel like I succeeded in this one which is mostly reds with a small bit of green for contrast.

Yesterday I took a day off from painting and went over to the JCC to help hang the show where I have three pieces. Hanging a show certainly is very hard work. The woman I was helping was up and down the ladder about a zillion times! I learned quite a bit about the foibles of hanging a show. My three pieces did not hang well on the gallery wires so I had to rewire them in order to make them lie flat against the wall as opposed to flopping over. Larger pieces don't have that problem due to the weight helping them to hang flatter. Which brings me to my biggest conundrum. My work seemed very small compared to all the other work in the show.

My work really would be better in a small works show but I have not found any of those here. Most of the art out here is huge! And I mean huge. I guess I do need to go bigger. I have 3 new wood panels that are 12" x 12". So I am going to try and see how I do with them and go from there. I don't find it easy to make large works. I would really have to rearrange my studio space in order to make bigger pieces. Of course after you go big like that where do you store it all? Let's face it, we artists are lucky to sell something once in a while. The rest takes up space in our homes and studios. My walls are filled all over the house in addition to closets being full!  So it is a dilemma.

Well, I will figure it out! Have a great weekend!


Robbie said...

Yep..on the hanging for's hard be honest, I would think your smaller pieces may sell quicker than the larger pieces of work. Just sayin!! Love your latest color you're using. Think I commented in Instagram on your piece. Very cool!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

What I see a lot of here in the South Bend area is artists work for sale on the walls of restaurants and cafes. Maybe you could look into that. I am really surprised that small work would not sell more briskly than large. At least you are able to create work you love and not making what you think others want. I surely understand that lack of storage space for your work. I had that issue when I did shows back in the 80s/90s. I think there are still some items in the attic. Maybe you can network with others that create small work and get suggestions.

Your work certainly is cool!
xx, Carol

Maureen said...

Yes about hanging a show! I learned a lot with my show. I used putty to hold some of the lighter frames in place. Agree that the smaller pieces might sell faster. Keep making art whatever size feels right for you. Your work is lovely!!