Monday, November 25, 2019

Landscape Monoprints

Mountains with Feather #1
Whenever I stop working for a while, as in the past few terrible weeks, I can never seem to go back to where I was before I stopped working.

Since my return however, I have done a lot of grieving and sleeping. Little by little I am returning to my work. Yesterday I did a small series of mono prints of the landscape where I live. I think I was so happy to be home and back in my happy place that these mono prints just came tumbling out.

I am working on a small 6x6 inch gel plate and I am finally getting a good registration on them. Bob Pennycook has a great way of registering his prints and it really does make a difference. My registration board is not quite as elaborate as his but it suffices.

My registration board

This next one is the ghost print of the print at the top. I almost like it better. The ghost prints are very elusive and you never really know what you will get but sometimes you get one like this and it makes all the failed prints that came before worthwhile.

Mountains With Feather #1 Ghostprint


Robbie said...

I've been off blogger for awhile with being busy and traveling. Your prints are cool!!! Glad you're back at it again!! Sympathy for the loss of our mom.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

It takes a while to pass through the stages of grief. Glad you are able to create again.
Happy Thanksgiving.
xx, Carol