Saturday, November 2, 2019

November 2, 2019

greeting card

I loved my greeting card class with Linda Germain. I always learn so much from her. It was a short class but nevertheless, very interesting. I realized that making a stencil for a greeting card is much harder than it looks. I made a lot of stencils but most just did not work out well. You really need a complete design in that small space. Some of my designs were too simple. Some too complicated. I like this one so far the best.

My husbands surgery went well. Except for the first night we spent in the ER. I hate that they send you home right away after surgery. In my experience it never works out well. I have returned to the ER too many times after out patient surgery. So we spent 4 hours in the ER that first night. Didn't get home until 4AM. Brutal.

But he is healing up well now. And now my mom is in the hospital. So I am off to Boston on Wednesday to see her. I have to go alone since my husband can't fly yet. I am not bringing much so I should be OK in putting my bag in the overhead bin. I never check luggage. I have had them lost before and it was not good!

It has been a brutal week for the most part. A lot going on here.  The upstairs unit in my building above us had a burst water heater which rained down on us. Lots of damage to our water heater room. We were lucky that we were here and noticed the water dripping. The damage could have been much worse.

Also, my friend and neighbor is losing her very short battle with cancer. I have only known her for a little over a year but we grew close and she is an artist too. It is all happening so fast. She is in hospice now. Days I have been told.

Enjoy your life. It is short.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

That's just too much BS going on. Terry had surgery once and was told he could not go home until he urinated. When that didn't happen, I suppose the insurance dictated that he had stayed long enough so home we went, only to return hours later for that very issue. I have other stories like that too, mostly issues were caused by insurance company issues.

Sorry you are having all these situations.
xx, Carol

Maureen said...

So sorry you have all this to deal with. I know it's a long arduous flight back to Boston. Glad Alan is healing and your art is keeping your spirits high. Meanwhile, I never check baggage either. Along with my carry-on luggage, I usually carry a very large purse or small briefcase, which counts as my "personal item" Not sure what airlines you're going on and if you can do this. Can usually fit more stuff if needed in that. As long as if fits underneath your seat, it's fine. Safe travels. All best with your mom. xoxo

Robbie said...

Sorry to hear about your hubby and now your mom's health travels....prayers for your friend least you are in a beautiful town and enjoying your art work...with the negative things going on you can still look at all the positive in your life! Stay safe!