Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Monoprinting Mania

Tree With Moon

Moon With Mountains

Slowly but surely I am beginning to understand the order in which I need to lay down my masks in order for my landscapes to look correct. In printing everything has to be done backwards and it isn't always easy to think that way. It is so different than painting.

This plant, which is called the Mexican Bird of Paradise, really does look like a tree when you print with it. I love the way it prints and gives such nice texture. Many of the plants I have been picking lately have not been working well for this process. They are either too soft and floppy or they just don't have good vein structure. There really is no way of knowing until you actually print with them, Also, color makes a difference. This is Carbon Black with the addition of Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold. A lovely mixing color!

I am enjoying the process of printing and I am going through quite a bit of paper! I bought two reams of cheap drawing paper so that I could feel free to experiment without worrying too much about paper costs.

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Robbie said...

What a cool print/tree!! Yes, this leaf looks great. I know what you mean about the order you print in...I've still have lapses when I go to print! HA I really like these!!!