Roberta Warshaw has been a painter as well as a graphic designer since 1976. She began painting right after the birth of her second child and has been working at it regularly ever since. She has worked in pen and ink, watercolors, gouache, oils, acrylics, collage and printmaking. For many years she lived in Key West, Florida and painted the lush plant life that surrounded her there. When she left the tropics and moved out into a more rural location, she painted landscapes of the local farms and her wonderful vegetable garden.

Two years ago, after retiring from a career in book publishing as a graphic designer, Roberta moved out west with her husband to Tucson, Arizona. Since then the influence of the Sonoran Desert on her work has been quite remarkable. Gone are the lush, vivid greens of her tropical past having been replaced with the muted greens, ochres and violets of the desert. 

Roberta can often be found picking and pressing the plants she finds on her daily walks in order to incorporate them into her artwork.

Roberta’s art can be found online on the following websites:
Blog:  http://www.robertawarshawdesign.com

Artist Statement:
Over the many years that I have been painting, I have discovered I have a love of monoprinting.  I don’t have a printing press, so for the prints I create I use a heavy glass baren and a bit of brute strength. 

With all the wonderful plant and bird life that surrounds me here in the desert, I have incorporated some of them into my work. I especially enjoy using feathers which the birds gift to me when visiting the many feeders in my yard. The grasses also make a very distinct and lovely mark on the paper.  These are the things that excite me to go out everyday observing and gathering for my work.

Paperworks Group exhibition “Lost and Found” Triangle L Ranch
The JCC of Tucson Group exhibition “Reflection and Renewal” 
Postal History Foundation Library exhibit “What I Love About Tucson”

Designed business postcard for CASA-Contemporary Artists of Southern Arizona 

Seattle Audubon Society illustration displayed on brochure “Cairns: Messages on Stone”

Designed and illustrated newsletter for Amos Lawrence Elementary School Brookline, MA

2000 – 2011 
Packaging Illustrator and Graphic Designer for Pearson Education

Designed catalogue for renowned Boston sculptor Barbara Katz

Received Certificate in Graphic Design from Northeastern University Boston, MA

Graphic Designer and Prop Designer for Houghton Mifflin/McDougall Littell

Owner of Izapa Designs jewelry, hand painted silk scarves and hand painted clothing

Markets and sells paintings through galleries, craft shows, and online venues

Created spot illustrations for Solaris Hill newspaper in Key West Florida

2005–2006 Cresecent Club award for design and illustration work done on CMP Math Textbook
2003–2004 Crescent Club award for design and illustration work on Realidades Spanish textbook 

Corporate Collections:
Pearson Education, Boston, MA
Executive suites owned by Galileo 1632 Properties

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